Saturday, October 29, 2011

McIlroy's Golf Swing: The Best in History?

The new U.S. Open Champion, Rory McIlroy, has the best golf swing in history. Why? His tempo is wonderful, but that is not it. More importantly is the fact that his hips LEAD his downswing in a dominating manner, and his hips clear the impact zone better than any golfer in history. Think about Fred Couples with a perfect swing plane! If Ben Hogan were alive today, he would agree. Jack Nicklaus has said as much already.

You can achieve this effect, too, by learning the secrets of the Hip to Hip Method of swinging the golf club. Find out about it by going to the book link on this page to the right, and buy your copy of "Breakthrough in Golf" today!

Open your hips at impact, and break 80!  Its time to get it done!

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