Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Why is reading Breakthrough in Golf a sure way to take your golf swing to an entire new level? IT WORKS! Why? It squares your clubface at impact by turning your body, not your hands, through the impact zone. It makes your left hand lead the clubhead. Lee Trevino says that is the secret to hitting the ball straight. And it eliminates flipping or rolling your hands over at impact! That destroys consistency.

Open hips (at impact) is THE secret. Open hips generate swing speed, creating more power, and more yards off the tee. The neat thing about learning how to get open hips at impact, is that the athletic move to do so is not complicated! Just learn a simple move that takes a little repetitive practice like a simple drill. BUT YOU DON'T EVEN HAVE TO HIT A SINGLE RANGE BALL TO LEARN IT!

Read "Breakthrough" and find out for yourself! I guarantee that you will take your golf swing to a whole new level of skill - for life!

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